"Gratitude and reverence in all things mother earth, have become my personal life mission statement-without it, i dont know who I would be....Im so blessed to be doing what I do... always in awe of the individual and natural design of each single flower- they feed my soul and I never tire of their spirit" Susan Foy

Special thanks to all my brides and their photographers for supplying photos-I usually see you on your way to hair and make-up so it's been a pleasure to see you in all your glory.

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June 20, 2009

Amanda and Shane 6.20.09

Amanda and her mom, Kathy  and I became experts on every possible shade and variety of purple flowers that exist.  If you have ever compared shades of purple, you would know that next to each other the hues change, which I always thought was part of its charm.  Not so.  Too blue, too lavender, too pink, to red.  What we ended up with was a true purple that all parties could agree on- with a compromise on a little lavender that would compliment the bridal party gowns. Basically, the first choice.  Kathy said she was easy-she lied.  I can say that because I know her and love her.  Amanda kept the peace.  Im happy to say that after 8000 samples and photos and emails and calls- I succeeded in making them happy.  That's what Im here for.  (you knew I'd get you back, Kathy)

Amanda's bouquet was a pure mix of whites in hydrange, mini callas, peony and roses.

Flower girls carry hanging balls of lavender daisies.

I know it doesnt look too complicated... the girls carried white hydrangea with lavender roses and accents of purple lizianthus-a dead match to their gowns.  Yea!

The groom didnt have much to say.  Awful cute, though...

And there is my demon friend, Kathy with her husband Jim and their lovely daughter bride.

The aisles were lined with tulling and hydrangea clusters with matching "purple" ribbon.

Got to love the shoes!

This mix of white hydrangea, purple stock and lizianthus sat atop eiffle vases for heightened centerpieces.  The reception was held at Highland Country Club.

Thanks Amanda for hooking me up with photos from Lowry Photography lowryphoto.net
I'm poking fun- but you know I enjoyed every minute of it- you guys are great!

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