"Gratitude and reverence in all things mother earth, have become my personal life mission statement-without it, i dont know who I would be....Im so blessed to be doing what I do... always in awe of the individual and natural design of each single flower- they feed my soul and I never tire of their spirit" Susan Foy

Special thanks to all my brides and their photographers for supplying photos-I usually see you on your way to hair and make-up so it's been a pleasure to see you in all your glory.

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September 12, 2009

Carrie and Sam 9.12.2009

I loved Carrie!  She was so great to work with and had such a genuine loving spirit.  Her wedding reflected exactly who she was-it was personal and intimate and hosted by her mother-in-law who had a back yard filled with hundreds of amazing flowers that any florist would die for! I, literally could have layed down in the flower beds and slept there.  It was held in September and the weather couldn't have been more lovely. These lovely pics were taken by Amanda Eganamandaeganphoto.com Thanks Carrie for sending them to me! 


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